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Moja is a young dermorian (50/55 years old), slightly smaller than average and skinny; her brown/reddish hair is not too long and it seems she has never met a comb.
Lost and knotted among her hair you may see a few scented, colorful flowers.
She's got big brown/goldish eyes and her face, a common dermorian face, is decorated with typical dermorian marks (and, sometimes, with mud and dust too - but only when she's far from any town or city).

Moja has a yellow handkerchief tied around her left wrist.

She wears a beige linen tunic, wide trousers similar to the tunic but slightly darker, decorated by olive curved and twisted lines.
You may notice a few tears on her tunic, sewn with thick threads or thin strings, green or purple.

If not barefooted she has a pair of old leather sandals.
Her hands and her arms are sometimes wrapped in a pair of long arm leather ragged gloves.
Her bracers identify her as a Brown Way's adept.
When it's cold she puts also a warm dark-brown cloak on and she wears a pair of worn leather boots.

Moja doesn't wear earrings or jewellery, except a couple of rings on her thumbs and an amulet of higly-polished shimmering stone hanged to an old, thin leather string tied around her neck.

From time to time, mostly if she has to be concentrated, she may wear a foil hat. Yes, not an helm but a tin foil artfully folded to look like one, very unlikely to protect against a physical blow but, perhaps, it might help against other things instead. Or, perhaps, it might not.

You can see a small, light brown glyph sack tied to her old hemp belt; from that same belt a pair of sheaths hangs, holding two daggers. The belt buckle is a peculiar emblem: its centre, a lattice of interwoven strands, converges into a single design made of diverse yet equal paths, knit in unity and strenght; etched into the simple band that circumscribes the design you can read the words: The One, and the defining ideals of equality, liberty and community.

Moja carries an old, worn (but sturdy!) and small backpack made of hemp.

OOC Description

[If you need help just ask, ICly or [OOCly], and, if I can, I'll answer.]

[If RL isn't calling, I'd be really glad to RP.]

[Feel free to /tell me if you see anything wrong in my description or in what I write.]

About Moja's behaviour:
Moja really appreciates discussing and reasoning, but it is rare for her to speak first.
She is maybe too much confident, nearly naive, but that's simply because she believes that every creature acts in reasonable ways, that everything can be explained using a bit of empathy, that no one acts badly just for the sake of being villain. But, because of a few late occurences, she is now guessing that for sure there is something wrong in the way she looks at the world; anyway, at the moment, she is definetly not able yet to figure out why her evaluation was incorrect, she's just more angry.

Creation Info

Gender: female
Race: Dermorian
Siblings: Many
Religion: Xiosia
Event: Nothing special
Father: Leather-worker
Mother: Teacher
Home: Wagon
Preferred Child Activity:
Math puzzles enthusiast
You got lost for a year
In love with a thief
Ideology of freedom


Agility 150
Charisma 125
Endurance 125
Intelligence 175
Strength 125
Will 150

Created: 12.Apr.2012

Member of The One

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